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01 Feb

Will the Reboot Camp do anything for me that the free sites can’t? You need to ask yourself, “Do I really want to change? Many people find their way into TRYING to quit, but not ready to actually pull the trigger and COMMIT to stopping. All the other “streaks” were two to five days at a time, with multiple binge sessions in between. Of course after each and every relapse I said all the right things: “That’s it, no more for me,” and, “I’m quitting for sure.” Sound familiar?

The Nofap subreddit gave me tons of motivation to succeed but didn't teach me how to correctly utilize my sexual urges for positive momentum.Thanks to Reboot Camp, I have passed the 90 day mark and am not looking back.What's more, the content is so above-and-beyond that I know I can come back and keep working with the material any time I need it —for my own health, well-being and masculine worth." -J "Reboot Camp is for anyone who truly WANTS to get porn out of their lives. To be successful at this physical act you need TOOLS.It has enabled me to get myself out of many sketchy situations that could have resulted in a relapse.If you are considering No Fap Academy Reboot Camp, I would say that it is worth the money.Puzzling this out on your own can be a frustrating and confusing process that could literally take years.However, with Reboot Camp you'll be walked step-by-step through the process of quitting porn from the inside out.You get a smaller community of people and can actually develop accountability with people that you begin to recognize on the forums.If I make a post on my Journal log in the forums, I can count on it that within a few hours, somebody will reply to me with support for my development.The whole time you'll have a powerful support team by your side to pick you up and keep you on track.As you implement the action plan day-by-day, you will relapse less and succeed more!