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04 Dec

He had been there for three years and never stopped moaning about how boring it was and how he had to leave soon. She had been there about ten years and was never going to leave.

She was seeing the very handsome foreman who ran the factory floor though he seemed to be less into her than she was into him.

Alison enjoyed exercising her power over David and me, but especially over me.

If I made a tiny mistake or even tried to re-format an accounts sheet in a different way she would loudly make a big deal about correcting me.

Imagine my shock when I entered the living room and was met by Tammy.I had even worn stockings though I wasn’t sure why I bothered as I wasn’t seeing anyone and none of the men at work were flirting with me or anything.I am fairly shy and not particularly comfortable with men.She and the wife go out every other Friday night, kind of a girls night out thing.Yesterday was a Friday, and it was their time to do their thing.Alison’s boyfriend Jeff said that loads of his workmates from the factory floor were coming and that they were all up for a big session.In fact there was a big buzz around the place which was great as, although I am uncomfortable with being the centre of attention, it made me feel more secure.I was an accounts clerk and had been there since I left school a year before.I worked with another clerk called David who was a good laugh.Here I was with a raging hard on and my wife’s best friend. I really should have rang the doorbell but Shelia said you would be in bed by now.” She never looked away from my feeble attempt to hide myself.I tried to cover up my dick but it’s pretty hard to hide 8 inches of stiff meat.“Tammy! “I just brought this stuff for her to try on before tonight.” She broke her stare and looked at the rest of my body as a sly grin over took the look of shock.“Let me get something on.” I stammered.“Why?