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30 Jan

On me it lasts all day, which is a bit weird since other reviewers only get 3-4 hours and my skin normally eats perfume.

I like it a lot and will gladly use up my bottle, but I don’t think I will repurchase. Starts with a citrus burst but quickly turns to a beautiful creamy honey (but with an edge) floral. The dry down had a scent of sitting in the sun at the beach...a bit of salt came in and kissed my arm Lovely This is only my 2nd Hermes - for some reason I never gave them much thought.

I get mainly gardenia and magnolia, but there might be also orange blossom and tuberose.

The base notes of musk and wood frame this composition quite nicely. If you want something like this but sweeter/fruitier, buy Chanel's Gabrielle instead.

It is a nice surprise Sunlight and joy in a bottle.

If you like citrusy, woody white florals with an edge I think you should give this one a sniff.Jour d'Hermes is a new women's fragrance by Hermes. It is available as 30, 50 and 85 ml Eau de Parfum, which can be backed by 125 ml refill.There are also a body lotion, shower gel and deodorant. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Claude Ellena. Starts with a fresh combo of grapefruit and lemon, then develops into a - still fresh - bouquet of white flowers.I remember when it came out some parfumista where disappointed because it wasn't something really groundbreaking, but I really liked it because I love all Jean-Claude Ellena's scents, especially the Jardin series, and I missed something very similar, only more explicitly feminine, a sort of Jardin de Femme, for those days when you want the freshness of the Jardin fragrances but also want to feel exquisitely feminine. I love the citruses that make it refreshing, luminous and sparkling, I love the delicate white flowers that make it creamy, feminine, elegant, and I love the mysterious woods and spices that make it so exotic, so unmistakably Hermes.The name Jour is perfect and the refillable bottle is very elegant, even if I would have loved the cap to be more balanced with the rest of the design, like the one of the pure perfume.There is a strong bug spray smell in the top note of this. I know it’s got to be me and that I perceive something differently than what others are smelling. When Chanel Gabrielle debuted, many people mentioned how much it imitated Jour d'Hermès.It’s like when some people smell elemi and it smells like pickles to them. I think that they are quite similar and I prefer the Hermès. It's well worth owning for days when you need a bit of lift.The name of the house suggests that it should be elegant and unique, to me it’s neither one. I usually despite citrusy perfumes because they don´t go well with my skin chemistry... Jour d'Hermés should be one of the best and most honourable representatives of the Citrus family.I tend to dislike this group because on me anything citrus smells too sour like lemon juice but this perfume is more balanced, it's not a sharp, acidic and pungent citrus but a more rounded, full and mature one. Spray too much you can taste its sourness in your chest. First of all - I hate the bottle, but I adore the perfume. I feel mainly white flowers and gardenia, but also the slight flavor of citrus.On me, the dominant note is the grapefruit and I don’t pick up much of the lemon for some reason.It isn’t sweet and there isn’t any of that “eau de cleaning product” vibe that can be detected in some citrus fragrances.