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Neglect includes:- parents leaving a child with no one to care for them or leaving a child with a caretaker and not returning or making other arrangements for their care.- Allowing children to live in a hazardous environments.- Using a child for material gain including forcing a child to panhandle, steal or perform other illegal activities.* Emotional abuse or neglect occurs when a child suffers severe anxiety, withdrawal, depression or other severe emotional disturbance due to acts or omissions by the parent or caretaker.

How CPS Receives Information About A Family Any individual or agency representative may call CPS to report that a child is not receiving adequate care or protection or that a family might benefit from services.

How CPS Investigates Reports of Child Abuse The law requires Child Protective Services to investigate appropriate reports of suspected child abuse or neglect.

To do this, the law allows CPS to talk to alleged victims and their siblings without parental permission.

The State was represented by Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor W.

Child Protective Services (CPS) is a part of Division of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) within the Arizona State Department of Economic Security and works on behalf of children and families of Arizona.

Defendant Anthony’s conviction stemmed from an incident that occurred at a.m. At that time, defendant Anthony was employed as a Sergeant with the New York City Police Department, but was off-duty and in Watchung on a date with a High Tor Drive resident.Parents and other individuals have the right to refuse to be interviewed by the CPS representative, to provide information and refuse services offered.However, CPS may proceed with the investigation and file a dependency petition in the juvenile court when it is necessary to protect a child How A Substantiated CPS Investigation Finding Is Appealed After an investigation, if CPS has reason to believe that a parent, guardian or custodian abused or neglected a child and intends to confirm this, a letter will be sent to the person accused explaining how an appeal of this decision may be requested and how to get a copy of the CPS report.Often this occurs at school because it is a neutral environment. A CPS representative may visit the family home to discuss the report and to talk about the family situation.At the time, suggestions may be offered regarding help that is available to assist the family.One of the most important functions of CPS is to help families receive the services necessary to enable them to remain together and to build better family relationships.The Goal of Child Protective Services Child Protective Services helps families by strengthening the ability of parents, guardians or custodians to provide good child care.Some Basic Information About Child Abuse And Neglect Sometimes parents, guardians or custodians take actions that create a danger to children in the home.Failure to protect children also may result in their being abused or neglected.Its primary objective is to keep children safely within their own families.CPS works cooperatively with parents to make that happen.