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10 Jan

Got there around pm to the excitement of Unix (their little dog). There we managed to remember some incredibly funny shit that happened several years ago. Looks like plans for the trip to Great America on Saturday are coming together. I had my laser pointer with me and that means hours of entertainment for both of us. After a bit of chatter and dot chasing, Aaron and I headed over to what is now called Buffalo Wild Wings. But more importantly, we devised the worst invention ever: transparent diapers. The baby discussion finally provided a segway to Janet & Sean to announce that they're expecting a baby. Did more work from home last night than I did at work today. I managed to drop over on toys without trying very hard. I guess I'm going pretty well in the sleep department this weekend. That should help to ensure that the rest of the weekend goes quickly. I guess I'm not the only one who have expensive taste in toys. Aside from first class or a private jet, this is the only way to fly. It's been 4 years since my last pair, so I'm overdue. Oh, the other thing that surprised me is that San Jose airport is back to normal. Building a new gcc can take a while, even on a fast machine. Trying to keep three machines reasonably in sync with their toolset. But I was able to do curb-side check-in and get thru security with no major delays. That's great, 'cause I had to get up at am as it was.

It was mildly entertaining to see Kathy get annoyed as the night wore on and Janet hadn't yet said anything. Parents went and toured San Francisco today while I went to work. T minus 4 days until my first visitors (Mom & Dad) arrive.

But that'll be a fair amount of work, so I'm not going to do it until I'm convinced that MT rocks. Gotta watch it, or at least have it as background noise. Then headed over to Adam's place so that we could go up to San Francisco for the Linux Magazine dinner (which turned out to be a "Happy Birthday Martin & Jeremy" dinner. Adam also wasn't quite sure what she said (later we found out that he was expecting her to say "body") and just blurted out "What?! After the wedding, we went back to Aaron & Kristin's so that I could torment the dog one last time, pack up, and head back to Toledo. She was put to sleep after a several month battle with asthma. Then went to Bev's Cat Boutique to get some new toys for the cats. So I didn't think much of biking to work--until it rained on me a mile from the office.

Nice and cool and night, nice and warm during the day. Mostly because of the NBA Rhythm and Rims (or whatever it's called) festival-like thing that was going on most of the day. That's my birthday present to myself--being debt-free. That's good, 'cause folks are already grabbing bits of my time for tomorrow. Got home around around 10 and had a few amusing messages on my machine. Got to see the Linux Mag office and meet Charlie and Martin finally. Also took some time to bring my My SQL page a bit more up-to-date. Got up and dressed and headed to Steph & Adam's wedding and reception and stuff. The most amusing part of the ceremony was when Adam became a bit confused during the vows. Must play other people now that it seems we've doubled the number of players in our building. I was able to reproduce the My SQL crash on it using GCC 2.95.2.

The 757 that I'm on right now has 'em all over the place. Went to a late dinner last night with a German, two Hungarians, and one other American.

My battery drained, so I just plugged in and kept on working.