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05 Jan

What's more, the content is so above-and-beyond that I know I can come back and keep working with the material any time I need it —for my own health, well-being and masculine worth." -J "Reboot Camp is for anyone who truly WANTS to get porn out of their lives. To be successful at this physical act you need TOOLS.

It’s for all of us who are ready and willing to PAY THE PRICE to get this behind us. Reboot Camp has those tools." ~ Reboot Camp Member "Shai_Hulud""Greetings.

The whole time you'll have a powerful support team by your side to pick you up and keep you on track.Before Reboot Camp, I would relapse due to boredom and stress (among other things).It has enabled me to get myself out of many sketchy situations that could have resulted in a relapse.Joining the Reboot Camp, working on the lessons, listening in to the mentoring calls, and interacting with like-minded people has been invaluable.If you are ready to quit, the Reboot Camp is where you need to be.White knuckle willpower WILL NOT get you clean, I promise you. I can honestly say this struggle is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.But, with just as much honesty, I can say I’m making progress.White knuckle willpower WILL NOT get you clean, I promise you. By now you have probably seen the advertisements for the re-launch of the No Fap Reboot Camp and are wondering if you should sign up, if it is right for you. ” For everyone hoping they can still look at Playboy and SI’s swimsuit issue and the underwear section of the Sears catalogue while pretending to be interested in quitting porn, Reboot Camp is probably not for you. I first came to the realization that I needed to quit using porn about 18 months ago.You may be asking yourself, “Do I need this at all, or should I just save my money? I discovered that time and I have been trying to quite by tracking my “streaks” ever since.If I make a post on my Journal log in the forums, I can count on it that within a few hours, somebody will reply to me with support for my development.Not because I asked for advice, but because the community legitimately supports each other.