18 Oct

~ Dyan Cannon – Actress, Writer, Film Producer, and Singer Golden Globe Award: Best Supporting Actress in “Heaven Can Wait” Golden Globe Award nominated actress for “Bob & Carol and Ted & Alice” Academy Award nominated actress for Heaven Can Wait” 3-Time American Film Institute Award Winner ~ Dick Klotzman & Susan Joseph – Justice Entertainment Group Client list includes: Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Snoop Dogg, Queen Latifah, Public Enemy & many more.

~ Amy Powers / Pitch Perfect – Lyricist, Songwriter, Producer & Attorney Emmy Award nominated Songwriter and Producer Producer of “Heathers” the Musical & Lyricist of “Dr.

In addition, his sister is Katy Cassidy, star of the new TV show “Arrow”. Unlike his father or his uncle, Beau’s music is edgier and more Pop/Rock.

Beau is not only a great singer, but an accomplished songwriter, musician, performer and actor, as well.

Currently, he is in the studio working with Mark Spiro (45 gold and platinum albums, having been involved in record sales of almost 100,000,000 records). He has also co-written with Grammy Award winner Terry Britten (“What’s Love Got to Do With It”). ~ Mark Spiro – Record Producer and Songwriter Co-Writer and Producer with Beau Cassidy Represented on over 100,000,000 records sold worldwide.

Mercado-Garza’s school was approached by Equilibria. At the time, the company focused on professional coaching within the oil industry and had just branched out to other fields including education. Mercado-Garza welcomed Equilibria to her campus and found their approaches effective and worthy of more exploration.

“When you saw the opportunity to help create a healthier environment – that ended up mattering more to me as a leader than the actual position itself. E-Colors in Education offers personal development and leadership trainings for elementary – college students, staff and faculty.