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07 Nov

The blush comes after, and I put it on the apples of my cheeks- barely touching my skin. I fill in my brows with a BROW POMADE to help make them thicker and define them, after they’re filled in, I add the BROW GEL on top to finish off my brows and make them look more groomed. I add the RMS BEAUTY eye polish to help give my eyes a bit of bronzy shine to my lids.

Its so beautiful and subtle, I’m literally obsessed with this! I add the NYX NUDE liner to my bottom water line to help open up my eyes! I wear lash extensions therefore I don’t really put mascara because I don’t need it but I’ll add it to the bottom lashes to make my eyes look bigger! Above is normally how I do makeup, its easy and pretty natural looking, but because its the holidays, I added this beautiful vampy lipstick to finish it off!

We communicate very well and hardly ever argue because we talk through everything.

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You can add whatever color you want, you can go darker or brighter, any color works because the rest of the makeup is pretty natural/clean. Tag me if you guys replicate this look, I want to see!!

This new lipstick by GIORGIO ARMANI (this color, this one and this one are my faves! x IT BYE BYE PORES PRIMER DIOR BEAUTY APPLICATOR LAURA MERCIER BRIGHTENING POWDER (BEST I’ve ever tried!

(And for the record, I don’t believe the reason he wants to keep you apart is because he’s worried she’ll say something mean to you.

I think it’s because he’s worried what you’ll think when you see them together.