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26 Nov

For specifics on special request files previously hosted on the FTP website, please visit the FTP Server Migration Crosswalk page.

To ensure a smooth transition, BLS FTP users are strongly recommended to update any automated scripts and begin using the new HTTP site as soon as possible.

We offer a full refund within 7 days of your purchase. The use of certain promo codes also may cause your service to be ineligible for refund. You can do it yourself or purchase our Mod Support addon and we'll install the pack for you.

Automatic payments may be refunded 100% the day of payment, or 50% within 5 days of payment being received by us. Without it, you'll connect to the default port for the game you're running. To get a database simply log into your control panel, and under Advanced" click "My SQL Database". Our database management panel utilizes PHPMy Admin. We also offer an automatic modpack installer that's always populated with the latest and greatest modpacks.

The following sites have generously agreed to mirror our main Cygwin ftp site.

To save on download time, please choose a mirror site near you when selecting a mirror when using setup to install or update Cygwin.

WHSR publishes fair and unbiased web hosting reviews.

Please do not send questions asking how to set up a mirror. Check the cygwin-announce archives for announcements about recent package updates and ensure that your site has those packages.

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