Fuck chatting lady

14 Oct

I did it just for fun as I’m really bad at drawing…. And made an Instagram account to publish these drawings.but it turned out that the results were actually quite better than I’d ever thought! Please follow (or just check it out if you don’t want your friends to know you like this stuff) the Instagram .

Two weeks ago I bought myself an i Pad so that I could work more comfortably on this blog from anywhere. Want to keep this sexy lady all to myself.*saacstein (44), Man on 14 June 2017 by Meeting in person: Almost came in my pants as i walked into the kitchen....i think i actually did alittle lol..all i can say is best breakfast at a table i have ever eaten and think i might have to go back and clean her ceiling..sorry. Brilliant sexy evening x*e Langue (47), Man on 11 August 2017 by Meeting in person: This is one sexy lady, pictures don't do her any justice, a great laugh, made to feel welcome and comfortable and later that night, wow wow wow wow, well that's for me to know only. In modern usage, the term "fuck" and its derivatives (such as "fucker" and "fucking") can be used as a noun, a verb, an adjective, an interjection or an adverb.There are many common phrases that employ the word as well as compounds that incorporate it, such as "motherfucker," "fuckwit" and "fucknut".Here are just a few of the drawings: Do you like these?Let me know if you have anything hot that I can draw! I do not have an athletic figure so if that's what your looking for then pass me by..is about how you work and use your body .about how perfect your body is.. Clean shaven or well trimmed won't meet guys with hairy cocks... If you want to know what women want in bed and how to fuck her properly, this is one post you need to read. ——————————– Look, I know you men have it difficult. If you start kissing a woman, and she responds well, and before long, you’re both on the floor with her skirt pushed up, and you on top of her, it’s not the time to roll onto your back and start awkwardly stroking the top of her head. Do not push the clit like it is a doorbell at some house that you need to get inside of. You know how when you are watching porn, and the girl does something great to the guy and the guy kind of goes “Ah! If she responds well, continue with something like, “I love fucking you. The length of her labia minora, the color of her interior, her waxing job or full bush – you are not John Madden. They’re simple to work out once you know what’s going on and when you work it all out, you’re going to be able to fuck women just like they want to be fucked.Women are just about impossible to understand, much less please. I can totally get behind the idea of emotional connection, but dearjesusinheaven, FUCK ME. Start by using all four fingers with firm yet gentle pressure against the outside of her pussy. God, you look so fucking hot.” Is she still moaning in response? If she doesn’t respond well to the term “tits”, you might have to stop there. If you’re still confused about women, read this: What women want: Female Psychology 101 If you're ready to become the kind of Man that attracts confident and in-demand women without trying, then I have a gift to start you on that journey.