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23 Dec

Ramona, I loved her audition so much, she’s a great weirdo.”Unlike Sam, Angelica is not at all confused about her sexual identity.Cannon cracks up recalling Young’s dry, confident delivery of the line where Ramona reveals to Sam that she knew she was gay when she held classmate Dash Lowenstein’s dick and said “fuck no.” Sam has a similar revelation herself later in the film.By casting Chinese-American Young as Sam’s love interest, Cannon aimed for an even broader level of representation and intersectional queerness in her film.“I was trying to make the cast diverse and the role of Angelica certainly could call for that.The way that story plays out, and never once flinches during their triumphant end-of-movie kiss, means may have finally broken through a taboo big-budget studio filmmakers have been trying hard to crack for the past few years.“It came from me,” Cannon says frankly over the phone, when asked how the gay love story developed after Jim and Brian Kehoe’s original script underwent multiple re-writes.“It was my idea to make Sam gay and that was one of the biggest changes.

This includes gentle treatment of Sam’s erstwhile prom date Chad—a round-faced fedora-wearing ginger who would have been a walking punch line in any other movie—and special attention to how and when Sam was outed, even lovingly, by her dad Hunter (Barinholtz).When I received the script, the mom was already there. I wanted to show three completely different relatable stories of who represents high school girls.”Sam’s crush on Angelica is apparent from the first moment the Adlon’s character fumbles and stammers in her presence. ” Cannon says firmly about Universal’s reaction to her script changes.But amid the slapstick comedy and gross-out humor, consistently makes time for a nuanced look at Sam’s anxieties about coming out, much less pursuing her first kiss alongside her straight friends, Julie and Kayla. “Maybe I’m misremembering, but I think that it was all really exciting to show something different.“Sam’s story was always leading with this idea of being worried that she wouldn’t connect with her friends because they were losing their virginity to guys and she wasn’t ready to lose her virginity, let alone confront her sexuality, and so she’s full of fear,” Cannon explains. It was a group effort to make sure that it was specific to what high-school girls are really truly experiencing and we couldn’t deny that.”Millennial actresses Young and Adlon, meanwhile, wonder what the big deal is.When she overcomes that fear and kisses Ramona, it’s a fairly stunning leap forward for an industry that’s been publicly skittish in recent years about gay romance. Asked directly whether Holtzmann was gay, director Paul Feig offered the Daily Beast a silent nod and grin: “I hate to be coy about it, but when you’re dealing with the studios and that kind of thing . “I think it’s funny that people keep asking me what it’s like to play Sam versus a regular teen,” Aldon tells me.“I put the second normal in quotes because the idea of a young woman struggling with her sexuality might be foreign to some parents.I hope that when kids watch it and parents watch it, it bridges this communication gap between a kid who might be going through something like this and their parents.”Not an ordinary goal for a movie involving John Cena butt-chugging beer.She’s just a girl with a crush and I don’t think it should make any difference what gender that crush happens to be.” Young agrees: “I had no concerns with it whatsoever and I was completely passionate about doing Angelica justice.”But Cannon, 43-years-old and a 6-year veteran of the studio system, had endless worries about getting the Sam and Ramona romance, and their characters, right.Adlon’s last name might be familiar to fans of her mother Pamela Adlon’s work on the FX series but the actress had to audition just like anyone else and walked away convinced she didn’t get the role.Opening in wide release this weekend, it’s a bawdy vehicle for adult stars Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, and John Cena, a powerful introduction for teen stars Kathryn Newton, Gideon Adlon, and Geraldine Viswanathan, and a calling card for director Kay Cannon, the writer of the films making her directorial debut.Premiering after raves at SXSW, with reviews praising its progressive attitudes towards female empowerment, intergenerational communication, and treatment of sexual consent in the post-Weinstein era.