Gene tierney dating

23 Jan

That's quite a statement considering the bevy of beauties he bedded and hired for his famous studio.

She had beautiful cheekbones, an ethereal manner, a gorgeous speaking voice and a serenity about her that endlessly fascinated me.

She was horrified when she saw the dailies and thought her voice to be too squeaky. (You'll hear more about that decision in the final paragraph.)Speaking of clothes, she began dating a thin-lipped, languid Cossack by the name of Oleg Cassini.

At the time he was a not-so-well paid clothing designer at Columbia.

It was an imperfect beauty, as well, in that she had crooked front teeth (which she adamantly refused to have fixed) and a bit of an overbite but it all worked for her.

Perhaps Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner, Hedy Lamarr and others may have taken exception to his comments but I think it goes without saying that Gene Tierney was exceptionally beautiful.