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03 Jan

Here are 10 of the most shocking revelations from Madison’s book:1. In several passages, she recounts episodes of severe depression while living at the mansion.

In one chapter, she shares a moment when she considered committing suicide in a bathtub.

, along with Woody Harrelson, and Giovanni Ribisi—but she may be getting her own clothing line at JCPenny, too. And real estate developer Today's wintry economic climate extends to all corners of the industry, including Hugh Hefner's stable of girlfriends, where the market had formerly held stable at a secure "three bunnies." Recently, though, Hef's harem has been rocked by girlfriends, including reigning hottie Holly Madison.

She also recounts taking antidepressants, which she later weaned herself off of.

Madison claims that while Hefner was aware of her troubles, he did nothing to help her.“I told him he should really talk to you about it,” she recounts Marquardt saying during one conversation about her depression.“If I had any doubts about my decision to leave, what Bridget said had just squashed them,” writes Madison.

And the cops are getting closer to figuring out who broke into her house, too, which has got to be good news. But Holly, who has been Hef's number one squeeze for the past seven years, is finally fed up with Hef - who, unlike all other straight men in Los Angeles, doesn't share Holly's dreams of wedded bliss and babies galore.

[Eric Goode: He celebrates his 51st birthday today. Shit, she has a better chance of getting preggers swimming in the Grotto than in bed with Hef!