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05 Jan

The IPCC reported that the global average sea level rose by some 19–21 cm (7.5–8.3 inches) between 19 and that sea levels rose faster in the second half of the 20th century than in the first half.

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Since the advent of human civilization, climate change has involved an “anthropogenic,” or exclusively human-caused, element, and this anthropogenic element has become more important in the industrial period of the past two centuries.

The scenarios referred to above depend mainly on future concentrations of certain trace gases, called atmosphere in increasing amounts through the burning of fossil fuels for industry, transportation, and residential uses.

Modern global warming is the result of an increase in magnitude of the so-called IPCC reported that concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxides in the atmosphere surpassed those found in ice cores dating back 800,000 years.

This article provides an overview of the scientific background and public policy debate related to the subject of global warming.

It considers the causes of rising near-surface air temperatures, the influencing factors, the process of climate research and forecasting, the possible ecological and social impacts of rising temperatures, and the public policy developments since the mid-20th century.