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30 Nov

“Inside the Chinese Closet” illuminates how men like Andy and women like Cherry navigate their lives with their parents and others.

We see Cherry’s date (shot in silhouette) with a woman she hopes she can kiss, and Andy discussing pregnancy and caretaking details with a potential wife. 13, 7 p.m., IFC Center) is certainly LGBT-friendly.

The film, directed by Kate Trumbull-La Valle and Johanna Sokolowski, shows the backlash and difficulties the members of Ovarian Psycos face, but also the strong family-like bond they have forged.

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If you can make the base out of something like household items and same with the coloring I would prefer to do that.

For viewers who miss “Suited” at the Human Rights Watch Film Fest or want to see it again, the film airs on HBO on June 20. Andy is a bear whose father knows he is gay, but is pressuring him to get married and have children.

He attends an underground marriage market and hopes to find a lesbian who will be a close friend and help him satisfy his father.

“Growing Up Coy” takes a thoughtful, mostly observational approach to showing how Jeremy, Kathryn, Coy, and her siblings deal with the stresses of educating their community while fighting against both discrimination and resistance to questions of gender and sexual identity being addressed among pre-teens. at IFC Center) is a fascinating documentary about Bindle & Keep, a Brooklyn-based bespoke clothier that specializes in fashions appealing to the LGBT community.

The film’s subjects all speak from their hearts, which is what makes this documentary so affecting. The film, directed by Jason Benjamin, profiles a half-dozen transgender and gender-nonconforming clients.