Guide dating russian men

27 Aug

So, if the 23th of February is an Army celebration, the 8th of March is a celebration of a simple fact that one is female. You'll still have the rest of the year to show off your girl power.

In the average office celebrating Men’s Day is simple.

Now it is officially called Defender of the Fatherland Day.

Even though, now it is much more difficult to find a man who served in the Army, military attributes for this celebration are very popular.

Girls bring some food (home-made or order a delivery) and cater lunch for the guys.

Yet as the evening progresses, there’s a good chance to hear real stories from real heroes.

If Russians have two New Years (read more about it in our Idiot’s Guide to the Russian New Year), what can stop them to have two Valentine’s Days? Russians do things in a big way, so they have Men’s Day and Women’s Day, and celebrate them within days of each other so no-one gets left out.

Being among Russia’s "sacred" holidays, they involve any man or woman, regardless of their relationship status.

Schools and preschools hold special concerts with songs dedicated to all moms.

If you know Russian, there’s no way you’re walking out of there with a dry handkerchief. We could not find any traces or pre-history of that sacred gift, but if you are a man in Russia, it is impossible to escape getting a pair of socks on this day.