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25 Nov

00 We recently finished two of these Elkhart conversions here at The Brass Ark.

Both instruments are similar with the exception that one has an Ark seamed nickel slide crook and one has an Ark seamed yellow crook.

That being said, if you have an existing setup and would like to augment the sound with another Leslie, selecting a cabinet with the same cable interface as the one you have, will save some time and trouble. Later 31W speakers had the 30 watt 46W amplifier Same dimensions as a model 122. May be converted to work as a model 770 with donor parts, or an electronic crossover can be added to convert the speaker to single channel use.

I'm floored at how well both of these came out, the wide slide especially seems to calm most of the quirks and issues that some vintage Conns get into with breaking up or edging out, as well as partials lining up where you'd expect them to be.

Prices will be going up soon to 50, these are both at 00 and will be the last at this price.

The different cable interfaces are discussed in detail in Uncle Harvey's Guide to Leslie pin-outs where I also got the different designations (6H, 6W and so on). Cabinets with serial numbers below 5200 were originally made with an older version of tremolo control, however, many units were upgraded to the current system by Electro Music.

Much has been said and written about cable interfaces for Leslies over the years. Same speaker as 31H with a different amplifier made to interface with Wurlitzer organs.