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11 Feb

Ch-Check it out y’all Hey Rock & Roll (Could Never Ever Hip-Hop Like This) X8D-E-L he rips microphones D-E-L he can't leave it alone, can't leave it alone He can't leave it alone Ahh, D-E-L on the microphone, strike ya dome wit the hype poem Yeah, it's the type of shit ya like to get, get wit it Ah, such a beautiful beat I'm 'bout to destroy For all weak MC's ahh check it check it Back in your presence it's the pres Dispensing these rhymes like Pez Full color, high res I digest is high biased, alotta MC's ride my privates and I don't like it I'm the master in innovation, that ain't the ? Well perhaps I'll bring it center stage then so you can peep My rap style fail safe that derail fakes They just a pale-make of my own chromosomes I'm a critically-acclaimed maniac that attack tracks On wax or drum machines, for your underlings Plus I leave performers wit an ornery, ? That'll turn your crew into disorderly's Assorted freestyles I drop at my disposal Make you move your mojo and bounce like a pogos In the club, they grub on tortitos from Toyo's A pitta and soda, and everything that's owed us Everybody's doughnuts rushin for cash Bustin ya ass, some losin just as fast I crash computers wit my viruses, fry your disk drive Wit wise words, suckas get on my nerves I'ma make you go "Hmmm", wet you like H2O My flow refreshes, need lessons Well we open for business if you dig this To all the bigwigs and labels sellin you fables Hey you, you ain't cuttin nothin, touchin my production Wit that pre-school rap, I say fuck them Hypnotizing, magnificent mind set Whenever I'm next, the shit you haven't tried yet Live shit, magnetizing, peep what I'm advertising My alliance got your third eye cryin D-E-L he rips microphones, D-E-L he can't leave it alone Can't leave it alone, he can't leave it alone Del, advancing dancing over beats Romancing microphones wit my glorious speech No shorts like BVD, I'm next like DVD I hit the metropolitan wit music I be modeling Showin off, goin off, wiggin Biggin up the town where I come up from, my humble beginnings The neo-narrator, creative care-taker I'm from the Five Flavors like Solar Flares on paper Don't go fold things, let's go smoke things Let dank or chocolate tai so we can all get high I touch any beat wit heat I pack Nigga, I frequent that In my never-ending quest see you scratch Speakin facts, we can rap Fuck scrappin and tappin, jaws I'm crackin Doors, open for brothers comin after me Fuck apathy, I ain't got time to blame the world for my problems I'm a grown fuckin man and I understand Plus knowledge being gathered, each day make me Speak this way, so get it The way that I spit it, critics couldn't never call me half-witted I'm the Riddick Bowe flowa for those in the know My logo represents thought-processing To keep em all guessin, wit these lyrical blessings Class is in session, class is in session "You can achieve the hypnotic state By saying those things in your mind To yourself that is said to you on the recording And then give yourself thirty suggestions That will change your attitude towards crude" Most MC's have much to do wit nothing I attack bigger issues, something to take with you Time is just a measurement of life So why waste time on the false, waste time on the mic Waste time on the high personas, we're on the Television tryin to get Del to listen To that garbage and gobbledy-good So I read a book, I prefer Manga wit Mega My repectable rhyme styles and textures Yes you're gettin extra Flex your little style, I fluctuate Too much to take in one sitting And I stun citizens Describing shit that we livin in That don't make a better sense I stick up kids who pick up bids And murderers deserving the same thing, I'm sick of this But meticulous wit metaphoric miracles of mind power Praying mantis techniques that wreck beats And pesky, prototypes that shouldn't made it off the assembly line Much less to their distributors they're miniature Mind states is immature and primative Talkin 'bout all the crack they cookin up, in the crib But you don't shock me, I see these things Don't participate wit the heartless, I'm an artist Who's bound to be out the roach-infested apartments Chorus 2x *replace "Hypnotizing" w/ "Magnetizing"* Don't cry, dry ya eyes 4x Metaphysical style M I H O Metaphysical style With the good day style Uh yeah tell em Miho Hypothesis scientific parabolisk My lineal projectile puncture Chronical modern, bisected, injected, reflections Computating thoughts through terabytes of RAM stored in a floppy (Uh battery operated style) T1, nine connect, intersect, riding brain waves (Silver surfer style) like silver surfer while his smoking hand perforates zombie source I get metaphysical It's a good day (Good day) It's a good day (Metaphysical style) It's a good day (Metaphysical style) It's a good day With the good day style It's a good day And the fabulous clothes you wear It's a good day And the way you weave your hair Uhhhhhh get it Industrial toxic fumigation. Authentically raw wit it, see I augmented this industry To submit to my will, all attempts to limit me Can kneel, peel caps wit ill raps Nothing convenes here till your camp gets smeared like pap What you tryin to tell me, skills never found me Workin for peanuts amongst jelly MC's, really ain't my steez Peep game I plot on different ways to make these styles ricochet through main frames The day-to-day theme is turn these fake teams gangreen My main vein's the only thing about me mainstream You doubt me like the foes of Noah, embarkin in this Ark, the soul controller While fools caught up in this Del used to blow up You're inundating wit the out-dated See all of y'all fall when this cascade hits Yo D, watch these watered-down clowns get drowned And lounge sound broken down in Cuba Tryin to build ships off shit they bit I spit that major play saliva, taylor-made for cypher sole survivor Pay the piper if you plan to go inside my covenant Better come in two's, matta fact come a crew to get you back Executives, we wet you wit the hymns that leave you and your man Packin, attackin wit verbal cataclysms Leavin the average rapper drenched and grab a trench Guard against my El Nino lingo A labyrinth of keen flows, concealed within the single This is Waterworld "For those that know me, indeed I like to flow" Waterworld "For those that know me, indeed I like to flow" This is Waterworld "For those that know me, indeed I like to flow" Waterworld "For those that know me, indeed I like to flow" My scripts consist of H20, Hip Hop and Oxygen I flip commission doctrines that make me Shake-Speare's pier Upon this here tear I fear not Killin furious wit the superior onslaught On top of this isle solo, like Giligan wit a million styles To throw yo' way wit capital A We make waves, causin tsunamis to your armies Splashin like the cracken on Clash of the Titans, writin calmly Call me Aquarius, each full page a new age I'm on a crusade to ranter your parade See ' Core is more than three-quarters of what this rap world secure So this is Chinese Water Torture for MC's to endure As I restore this reservoir wit my repetoire of metaphors Step into the ' Core, better have your life insured For supernatural disasters, I'm quick to cast a flame to your astral plane It's bitch-made, get played like Conasta Waterworld "For those that know me, indeed I like to flow" This is Waterworld "For those that know me, indeed I like to flow" Waterworld "For those that know me, indeed I like to flow" This is Waterworld "For those that know me..." What's an MC without concepts, I speak easy comin to offset your plumbing Like leaky faucets, runnin my dungeon wit aquatic contraptions The fifth fold's a fish bowl, kick hard as contractions Wit skitzo-memos closed-captioned Your lip's sewed cuz hardest to your fraction try to test me You wouldn't tip-toe through Moses parted Red Sea It's bound to collapse So now what makes you think the sound of these raps Is something different, I'm even pitchin the kitchen sink wit comin with it Liquefied rhymes rhyme wax It's time for jack-fakers to vacate, they take up space like the Great Lakes Makin a great case for me to hate Paint a picture clear as Evian, raps on tap like Savion Glover Undercover, peeps wonder, why he became the arcitecht cuz none love us We spark the shit that makes the blood cometh Wash away your blockade plus your brigade Tryin to sandbag clever words together The weather, the storm, porn's poured on cassette wit Architecht sweat In the cores of us form when he pass Tech-12's I delve deep in this abyss, inspect hell Tell a fallen ang-el to eat a dick if he gets pissed cuz this is Waterworld "For those that know me, indeed I like to flow" Waterworld "For those that know me, indeed I like to flow" This is Waterworld "For those that know me, indeed I like to flow" Waterworld "For those that know me, indeed I like to flow" "Flow" *echoes*Get up out my way, it's Grand Pub's turn to shine Hurt MCs ride the pine and get paid, no nevermind One time as I sew it up like Dr. Open up your eyes baby Let the truth and sun shine in One day, one day, one day you’ll understand You’ll grow up and you’ll see There’s a truth between friends and enemies And I should have listened to my intuition of the way When your moves and your moods were saying They were sayin’ no more, no more, no more, no more Can’t stick around until you take me down And I’m alone and dealing With the confusion that I’m feeling I made the greatest mistake of my life When I let you get away baby And I, I made the greatest mistake And still am, still am, still am I can see clearly That there’s no love lost between us Misguided, lost child I pray, I pray for you I hope that your lies can keep you warm Oh if I, I could rewind the time And keep those records playin’, playin’, playin' I say play on, play on, play on, play on About the love we never left behind Forget about the broken hearted We got to pick up where we started I made the greatest mistake of my life When I let you get away baby And I, I made the greatest mistake And still am, still am, still am Wish I read the writing on the wall we made around us now baby Mistakes can turn your world go round and build it up and tear it down baby I made the greatest mistake of my life When I let you get away baby I made the greatest mistake of my life Make the greatest mistake And it’s still there, still there, still there I made the greatest mistake of my life I never should have let you get away baby I made the greatest mistake of my life Make the greatest mistake And you’re the real thing, the real thing Still am I made the greatest mistake of my life When I let you get away baby Yeah but sometimes, you see, it’s not that easy, you know what I mean? say, “You gotta go on the runway.” Then two minutes later, you have to change and go again.

DJ Jazzy Jeff: That's what keeps the music new and keeps it fresh. , was a loose concept record packed with guest stars: rappers Del tha Funkee Homosapien, J-Live, and El-P; members of Cibo Matto, Brand Nubian, and the Beastie Boys; star turntablists like DJ Shadow, DJ Quest, and Kid Koala; electronica artists like Moloko's Roisin Murphy and Atari Teenage Riot's Alec Empire; and even Saturday Night Live's Father Guido Sarducci. Nakamura subsequently moved on to a host of other highly conceptual projects, including Deltron 3030, Gorillaz, and Lovage. Check it out y’all Are they crazy Once again Ooooh, the TV Automator, Automator, Automator on the vator Check it out y’all Just listen to this. It's a neatly chiseled, well groomed, drop dead handsome face! You must be another Handsome Boy graduate Oh my God they're gorgeous! 3: Handsome Boy Modeling School wants handsome fellas to train to become successful male models. For hours and hours and hours and safe for hours The hours and hours and hours and hours... And then, it’s just all the jealousy cause, you know, if you’re handsome and that and other ones, they... was released on Tommy Boy in the fall of 1999 to mostly favorable reviews, and the opening track, "Rock n' Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This)," was licensed for a TV ad campaign. You must be another Handsome Boy graduate Oh my God they're gorgeous! And uh, it's automated gang otta take out the gator Pulling pranching on em' things and we breezing out of your brains some. They, they pick you up at the airport and then they say, “Just see you in the morning.” Then they don’t even make no plans for you to go some place. They give you clothes, half the time they don’t even fit. Hmm reflective imagery burnt into the cornea of inter-dimensional trans-global marketing schemes Loop dreams culminating of horizontal poetry, Intertwining sheet music epic in propertion, Dramatic implosions, inclusive of the mases, I get Metaphysical It's a good day... ) Watch the green van cause inside's the dicks The prayer beads bleeds from the crucifix Went tight comin out boy I be down in six Or when the sun go down, or when it's round in the BX (? ) Bums on the street often ask me for change What's change when I'm tryin to save up for the Range? Yeah a lot of times, I’ll admit it, it’s not easy being handsome Being a model, being a graduate even of the Handsome Boy Modeling School. Can’t get into the restrooms then they say, “You walk so slow this time, you, steps, uh, too tiny.” This what they say, “Tiny steps.” Well yes, tiny steps, you eh walk with your legs crossed together tiny steps if you couldn’t get into the restroom! I said, “Let me go in last." If, for instance, there is some, eh, problem, you know, on the stage, If… (Metaphysical, oh yeah, good day, good day) (Miho H A T O R to the I, Miho Hatori, Uh Uh Uh Uh ) (It's a good day) (Damn it was a good day) (Page is still rolling up)Look at this face, what do you see? I want the whole world and my old girl back Change that -- I want half the world, and fuck my old girl You can play the hell out, like those that came before ya Your style is butt, similar to a cobra That's your pimp strut But what you foes is really doin Is leaving your empire in ruins I'm the problem solver I got the brand new revolver But I got a new album too I want to be here for that money and the rest of my crew Yall know it's true-- a nigga like me is due Just an old fashioned love song, playin on the radio Brand Nubian cats, here to flip one for you (2x) Now you know I gots to come back strong See I been doing this too goddamned long For me to ever try to come back wrong Check my pockets and my empty light just came on Don't wanna do wrong so I think I'm best to make this song Undeniably satisfiably master microphone mutilator None greater, ain't no Automator Grand Puba and Dattie, riding shotty in the Mazarati As we come and blaze you with this body Corner poets get smacked and hit, savagely bit I go git and then you out of it, permission to quit I mean right, I keep the green light specials Half price a slice, you blink twice I done picked up the dice I'm that nice, Dattie X the party-starter Number one heart-ripper-aparter More vice and gambling than Las Vegas, Nevada I try harder every day It's all work and no play Just an old fashioned love song, playin on the radio Brand Nubian cats, here to flip one for you (2x)[Roisin Murphy] Go ... On June 17, 2004, Rob Bourdon gave a interview to XFM, saying: "We're planning on doing some writing soon, but we find we can write and demo stuff on the bus or wherever.Once you get started on a track and have ideas you need to preserve the spontaneity of them.DJ Jazzy Jeff: For those who don't know, I started back out in '74.Africa Bambata, Disco King Mario, Cool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and you know, some of the pioneers who did it back then you know., featuring Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington, Lord Finesse, Qbert, Jazzy Jay and Grand Wizard Theodore.Prince Paul, in his character, Chest Rockwell, said, "The hard part is choosing who to use for which song.