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17 Sep

Here’s the link to learn more and join Google hangouts: /learnmore/hangouts/ For now, I have just tried the one-on-one video chat, but am going to be exploring different dating efficiency techniques and sharing them with you all!

That’s where the second phase of time investment is: preparing for the date.

I need someone who likes to party at the bars but is also willing to stay home and watch a movie.

I am in Hi, I am very outgoing..friendly and sociable. I am currently majoring in journalism at Sage College Of Albany.

So, I asked myself what can the 30-something group do to be just as tech savvy and unconventional to make our dating experiences more efficient? We go through the process of identifying a pool of potential candidates, email screen, and are now ready to talk on the phone/meet in person.

It was launched over a year ago and is a video chat program that allows us to interact with up to 10 people face-to-face.