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03 Nov

And frankly, few other Potter games have fared any better over the last decade.

The changes I could make would be 'If I could turn back time, If I could find a way, I would run faster from the people trying to catch me today.'*Hermione* Exciting! *Spotlights land on a red headed maiden who walks onto the stage. The person asking the questions does not know who his or her contestants are, but the contestants know who she is! *Miss Cassi* Okay, well, for those of you at home who don't know the rules to this game, we take a few random people, one girl and three boys or vice versa and we put them on this show! *Draco* I am definately chess beacuase you have to think to win.*Hermione* Can I stop asking questions now? *Harry walks from behind the curtain* Hi Hermione.*Hermione* Hi Harry. *Miss Cassi* And for our last contestant, the very fired Gilderoy Lockheart! Anyway, if you were an anamalgus, what animal would you be and why? *Minerva* I choose contestant three.*Miss Cassi* Okay, lets show her the losers! *Severus stumbles out drunkenly and leans on Miss Cassi for support* Did I win? *Dobby walks out and has the light shine on him as he waves hystarically* Dobby is happy to be here! Okay, I have made the best decision that I could make.*Miss Cassi* And? *Hermione* If you were a desert, which one would you be and why? Probably a chocolate frog because I got a lot of kick in me! *Ron has dozed off**Hermione* Contestant number three? *Ron thinks* I would be a quidditch master.*Hermione* Hmm... Okay, contestant number two, what do you want to be for Halloween and why? Okay, if you could have any job you wanted, what would you do? If you could be any kind of animal, what one would you be and why? I suppose I would be a white stallion with silver eyes.*Hermione* Beautiful! When I say that, I mean like a Dwarf or a Hobbit.*Draco* I would have made an excellent elf, I think.*Hermione* Ooh! Contestant number two, what is your favorite song ever, and what are some of the lyrics? The story of a woman on the morning of a war, remind me if you will exactly what were fighting for.'*Hermione* That sounds vaugely familiar... *Ron* I like all cats except for Hermiones stupid cat Crookshanks.*Hermione fumes* Contestant number one? *Hermione, who has figured out it is Ron* Do you like Ron Weasly? *Anamalgus Minerva Mc Gonagal walks from behind a curtain, hops on the recliner, and changes* *She waves**Miss Cassi* Okay, you know the rules! Imagine the possibilities: Raise a whole barnful of Kneazles, then sell their poop for more Sickles, Galleons and Knuts.Get your friends to help you pull Mandrakes out of their pots, turning down your speakers to muffle their deadly screams. We are going to be so filthy rich, it is ridiculous.