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25 Nov

During the summer, he liked to spend some time in Long Island with the maternal grandmother.

He attended Arts York and Actors Studio program while at Unionville High school.

His acclaimed role is when he played in the Life as a House, where he was a teenager who was misunderstood and for this role, he got a SAG and a Golden Globe nomination.

He went to play in London where he played, This is Your Youth, Anna Paquin and Jake Glyllenhaal.

Star Wars is known for legendary lines like when Darth Vader told Luke in Empire Strikes Back: "No, I am your father." But the best line, and most loved by Hayden fans, is Anakin's passionate rhetoric about sand.His mother is Alie Nelson who was an American Speechwriter with David Christensen, who was communication executives and computer programmer.The father came from Irish while the mother comes from Italian and Swedish ancestry.Hayden Christensen was dating Rachel Bilson and they were engaged once but the wedding was called off in 2010.However, now they are expecting their first child even if their marriage had not been celebrated yet.Even if there is nothing about the wedding soon, they are both happy on the way everything turned out for them.Hayden Christensen has 12 million dollars as his net worth.He got also more fame when he portrayed Star Wars Episode II: Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker.Hayden Christensen was born in British Columbia, Vancouver.He got more attention when he played as Sam in the movie Life as a House.For this movie, he got praises and got nomination for Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe Award.