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Whenever he thinks of how his sisters have become strange, he becomes very depressed, such depression being seen as an "absolutely awful omen" by England.

He has been tormented since his childhood, having seen many tragedies and wars, which have cracked his mentality.

Russia (ロシア, Roshia) is a main character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.

He is the tallest of the Allies, as well as the tallest of all the nations (together with Sweden.) In WWII Russia wears a long, heavy tan coat, green pants, brown or black gloves, and a long tan or pink scarf.

Russia was also described as gentle and naive, and not malicious, just extremely scary.But in reality, he holds a cruelty, in the same manner as a small child.his gentle smile and disposition only intensifying the aura of dread which seems to constantly hang over him.During the Soviet period, when Russia was upset, he would begin to chant "Kol Kol Kol" to threaten and frighten others into submission.However, there has been speculation that there are other possible meanings for 'kol' than those involving kolkhoz: However, in the Comic Birz serialization featuring Russia, instead of the usual kolkolkol, the normal sound effect for an intimidating aura was used, and Russia stayed silent, making it possible that this was retconned.He did this in order to force Finland to spend the day with him.However, this was stopped by Estonia, who Russia referred to as his rival tweaker. He loves sunflowers so much, he dreams of one day living in a warm place surrounded by them.Ale nenaučili se s námi jen hrát golf na různých hřištích, ale i zkušenosti, že golf může být i prospěšný pro potřebné.Každý jednotlivý turnaj provázela knížečka „Od srdce a z jedné ruky“ s milými obrázky a příběhy 5 lidských vlastností. Rovněž proběhne dražba trička Úsměvu Anděla s podpisy skupiny Divokej Bill, které vydraží sám člen skupiny.His childhood was tough, troubled, and full of forced servitude, bullying, and constant pursuing by other countries.When Russia greets people, he does so with a kiss on the lips.