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30 Jan

So if a man saw a girl naked he would have to be her husband right? And if you don't know who I am please check out my other story! I only use the characters for my own maniacal reasons! Naruto followed the soft sound deeper into the forest until the quiet pitter patter became a roaring downpour.

Doesn't that bring a whole new light to the waterfall scene? This chapter starts off right before the waterfall scene which is in the bikochu arc which is episodes 148-150 you must watch the waterfall scene before reading this because im changing it to fit my needs! Naruto pulled a large branch aside and gazed at a large, beautiful waterfall.

Then the light from the moon was able to reflect off the strand of water and light up parts of the beautiful girl's body.

It was the most amazing thing Naruto had ever seen. He took another step forward, but his foot slipped on a wet rock and Naruto plummeted into the water. Her father's relentless torment and emotional abuse had made her afraid to even speak.

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Remembering how Naruto had protected her, Hinata leaps into the battlefield in order to protect Naruto for once.We are proud to say we created the site with feedback from you, and we will continue to listen and work to create a fun, friendly and furry community!Our motto speaks volumes to our intentions, Furry - Where real relationships begin.As Hinata lands across the crater, she begins to bleed from her head.Naruto cries out for her safety, as Hinata crawls her way back towards Naruto, remembering how Naruto that he liked people like her.It wasn't until she met Naruto that she began to come out of her shell.However, she had never been able to hold a real conversation with him or even hint at her true feelings for him.The twinkling stars reflected off the surface of the water and the dim moon made for the perfect lighting.However, the thing that caught Naruto's attention was the abrupt movement in the center of the waterfall.Still, her ability to function properly in social circumstances had begun to increase after her fight with Neji in the Chunin exams.Seeing Naruto's will and determination and having him cheer for her had given the courage to change.