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And he knew very little about the war he was fighting.The day he came home from Vietnam, he slipped quietly into the airport bathroom, changed into civilian clothes, dumping his uniform in the trash (all but jacket and medals) and walked away. It pains me to think what I might have been doing that day.Marie Hoese didn’t set out to launch a retail movement in downtown Prior Lake when she opened her eclectic shop, The Vintage Gypsy, six years ago.“It was a complete accident,” says the former guitar player, whose family ties to the city date back to the 1920s, when her great-grandparents had a cottage on the lake.11) rounds up 54 ensembles dating from about 1968 to ’76—mainly from the MFA’s collection, but augmented by some loans—to show how fabulous fashions from the Age of Aquarius were interpreted by the era’s high-end design houses.MFA curator Lauren Whitley’s eye is on influences—how hippies, and their haute couture imitators, drew inspiration from Middle Eastern caftans; Native American fringe, leather and ribbons; homefront styles of World War II; 19 century gingham pioneer dresses; Renaissance jackets and breeches.I realized how much stronger he felt toward this man, a stranger up until a few hours ago, than I ever felt toward the friends I met in college, none of whom I see today.

I sipped my martini and listened, seeing my husband in a whole new light.I could never sleep with someone who owned a gun and voted for Nixon. Decades into the future, that hippie chick fell in love with a conservative Vietnam veteran.And, after subjecting him for years to poetry readings, self-actualization meetings and Woodstock wannabe festivals, agreed to accompany him one night to our local DAV for a drink or two.RELATED: Handy Man Of course, I knew he joined the army at a young age.I knew he flew in a chopper from Da Nang to Firebase T-Bone. But watching him engage in conversation with another vet brought that camaraderie into focus.Once in the car, I smiled at myself in the overhead mirror. We can plan for our future, but it doesn't always turn out the way we think it will. Some fun facts about hippie fashion courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts’ eye-popping, psychedelic 1960s fashion showcase “Hippie Chic”: Secret compartments in your metal jewelry could conceal your birth control pills; secret pockets in the collar of your Native American-style fringed suede jacket could hide your “stash”; and around the time Neil Armstrong was making that first “one small step” on the moon, Halston was dabbling in tie-dye and Yves Saint Laurent was experimenting with crazy quilting.“Hippie Chic” (465 Huntington Ave., Boston, through Nov.If someone had told me when I was a peace-loving, bead-wearing hippie chick that as a middle-aged woman I would be married to a Republican, watch not only CNN but Fox News and frequent a bar at a Disabled American Veterans facility, I would have called that person batshit crazy.I was a free-spirited, liberal girl out to change the world.In 2011, Hoese was working full-time as an office manager for her family’s distribution company in Burnsville, but her passion was in refurbishing furniture.She started selling her repurposed gems in the front yard of her vintage Tudor home, just blocks from Prior Lake’s downtown.