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02 Mar

Iron Warriors is Mc Neill's collection of tales about Honsou, an up-and-coming Warsmith in the eponymous Legion.It contains a novel, _Storm of Iro There's a bit of a risk involved in reviewing this omnibus as a whole rather than the individual stories. However, I think it's worthwhile, because I get to address something which only makes sense when you know I've read the omnibus.The writing isn't always amazing, but it doesn't get in your way.The story wraps up quite well, and I somewhat feel that Mc Neill made a mistake in reopening Honsou's tale.The Iron Warriors are Chaos Space Marines with unrivalled expertise in the art of siege warfare.With great batteries of artillery and all the favours of the Ruinous Powers at their command, there i Warsmith Honsou, embittered nemesis of the Ultramarines and champion of Chaos.

Blackheart isn't as physically insecure as he is in Blood Reaver, and the inevitable chaos (no pun intended) that is bound to occur when too many worshippers of the dark gods get together happens in all its storming glory. Plenty of SIEGES and interesting character development, as well as a cameo from Sergeant Learchus. The Beast of Calth, while a good story, is not quite to the calibre of the other tales within the omnibus. That is the 'missing stories', the bits of this tale which aren't there.

This gives the omnibus the feel of being less a story centred around a character, and more a collection of snippets the author had lying around, really detracting from the value._Storm of Iron_ is the most substantial part of the omnibus, and by far my favourite item.

It's one of the first 40k stories I ever read, and really captures a splinter of the universe well.

The stories are roughly chronological, but there are noticeable gaps in the narrative.

This is my biggest complaint with the series - events critical to Honsou's story aren't in the omnibus (They are part of the Ultramarines series, where he features as a villain).