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06 Feb

If this is your first canoe camping trip – like it was for me – I can only recommend heading out with a guide who is experienced and skilled in order to keep you safe and entertained.” – Kathi from Watch Me See“Vancouver Island is a fantastic destination for solo travellers who love the outdoors.

It has all the gorgeous scenery of the Pacific North West with even more snowy mountains, and all on an island off the west coast of Canada.

I joined a multi-day canoeing adventure right out of Winnipeg, enjoyed the summer Fringe Festival, and took a road trip around Lake Winnipeg (you can read more about that on my Manitoba writeup on Alamo’s Scenic Drive).“Montreal is an absolutely amazing city that combines the best of North America and Europe into one very walkable place. Old Montreal is full of cafes and European charm and a perfect way to spend a .

Centre-ville is the main part of Montreal and has everything you could want, bars, restaurants, museums and culture.

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It also has thousands of lakes so if you’re into paddling, it’s the perfect place to get some solitude.

In the summer, it’s the perfect jumping off point for hiking trails galore.

Though everywhere in Canada has its own special beauty, this part of Alberta sure is a standout.“When it comes to incredible scenery, you can’t go past the Icefields Parkway in Alberta.

Canada is easy to navigate, has a very low crime rate, is absolutely huge, so you can’t run out of national and provincial parks or activities, and it’s breathtakingly beautiful, need we say more?

Though the whole country is worth exploring, these are a few places that my fellow travel bloggers and I think are particularly good for solo travelers in Canada: Alberta was my first stop ever in Canada and by the time I left, I was seriously asking myself if I should just come back and move in.