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09 Jan

Research shows that women are more likely to have an external locus of control. We’re always suffering at the hands of people who make overarching decisions to our detriment.When women lose out following benefit cuts, or find ourselves fighting for control over our bodies, when governments take it upon themselves to legislate our reproductive rights, we start to think we may as well place all our faith in Russell Grant - he seems to want better things for us than David Cameron.

What’s more, I’d left the browser open on something awful and he could see exactly what I had been looking at.According to a Gallup poll, 28 per cent of women admit to regularly consulting their horoscopes, compared with 23 per cent of men - a sizeable difference, if not a dramatic one.A similar poll from 2009 found that women were twice as likely as men to consult a psychic.But by reading someone’s online dating profile beforehand, your talking points are literally outlined right there before the date even starts. But, I ended up marrying that guy so you can’t tell me that starting a relationship via the internet doesn’t work out.Whether you’re looking for a long term relationship (that may or may not lead to marriage) or you’re looking for something more casual; there is a dating app perfect for you out there.And when I learn of a retrograde, I refuse to sign anything, even if it’s just the renewal form for my Viz subscription.For years I thought I was all alone until one of my smartest friends (a multilingual post grad who translates novels) drunkenly took me to one side and told me all about my moon (Cancer) and my rising sign (Aries, thank goodness, or I’d be wetter than a Bank Holiday weekend doing the Ice Bucket challenge).Here is a rundown of the perfect app that matches your zodiac sign's personality type.You'll end up with a personal touch for more thorough research on potential partners with the added benefit of less inappropriate pictures AND it connects you based on shared interests in any easy and fast set of questions.Most women’s magazines carry a regular horoscope page but the last time I looked, I couldn’t see one in Esquire or FHM.Horoscopes tend to be presented in a feminised way, so I suspect that men demonstrating an idle interest are soon put off by the swirly purple fonts.