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22 Feb

So I say if all of us could be with whom we want at anytime, true love would still come to the forefront of relationships and everyone would be more happier. I think we still would, afterall that feels normal too, but with non restrictions I think these families could be much more happy.Naysayers argue my points and lets see where it leads. Southern Belle Hotwife – A Cuckold’s Diary, is being written now and coming along very very well.Some say jealousy would ruin everything and these crazy ideas would only harm humans. I think if it was the norm and long ago we had never experianced such only being allowed to be with one partner all of us would be much more happier. It’s natural to be protective of the beautiful opposite sex … Sexually men have the urge to do it with anyone they find attractive and when they do they don’t lose feelings for those that came before.Then again, wouldn’t a woman want such a guy to like whom they like, if they like them more than another? Now for the ladies feelings tend to run in another direction for many.

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I have decided to put some time into coming up with a manual that will assist cuckolds and hotwives from all over the world.IF YOU DON’T HAVE A KINDLE OR NOOK- THESE THINGS ROCK PEOPLE!It’s been a fun and interesting ride speaking with so many people about the book itself.Then a terrible accident regarding James, followed by a wild opportunity for Tiffany leads to big changes in their marriage.The wife becomes the woman she has within and the husband has no choice but to allow her to pursue financial gain via sexual escapades. Though we have found as have many of our friends that the black men who swing and promote themselves as lovers for girlfriends and wives all seem to be rather endowed.All of us are locked in a world of this is how it should be and what is normal to me is not normal.To me and I want to know what you all think, normal is what feels right without hurt feelings and with great happiness.Would you enjoy seeing whom you pleased and your mate enjoying anyone she desired?For myself, I’d love to see my wife take on more lovers.Her multi orgasmic ways lend to great chance for amazing sexual experiances.However, it’s the I’m a slut mentallity that can stop such seekings.