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23 Nov

There is usually a DJ, and anything from flame throwers to contortionists, to cage dancers.

The Manson is also the only property in the county to have a fireworks license, as well as a zoo license.

And while we’re on the topic of swimsuits: the famed grotto, located at the pool, is something you’ll definitely experience if you go swimming at the Mansion.

The original mansion was originally designed in a Gothic-Tudor style, and was build on 5.3 acres of land in 1927.Expect lots of carefully prepared dishes, as well as a selection of freshly baked treats (Hugh loves cookies! Parties at the mansion almost always have an open bar, to keep the good times flowing.While the Playboy Mansion has hosted some of the biggest celebrity names in Hollywood, it’s also known for keeping their guest list under wraps so the A-list can party without inhibitions or worrying about the paparazzi.The mansion is home to a games room, a wine cellar, a “cinema”/screening room, tennis courts, zoo (and adjoining aviary), patio (with barbecue area), as well as a large swimming pool area that includes features such as an artificial waterfall, sauna, bathhouse, and of course the much talked-about grotto.Aerial view of the Playboy Mansion The living areas of the mansion are located on the ground floor, and include the dining room, kitchens, and main reception (and event) areas.For large parties, you may be asked to leave your car at a nearby parking lot (usually UCLA Structure # 4 off of Sunset), and take a special shuttle to the Mansion.Many people who attend parties at the Playboy Mansion expect to hook up with attractive strangers.The Playboy Mansion is one of the most iconic homes in California—if not the whole of America.Known as being Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s home, its rise to fame was due to the legendary parties held there.To maintain the exclusivity of the parties, as well as some mystery around the Playboy lifestyle, the guest list is usually limited, and security is tight.Parties held at the Mansion fall into three categories: Every day is an occasion for a party at the Playboy Mansion!