23 Nov

Celebrate Taco Tuesday by hitting up the best Mexican place in town and ordering up as many as you both can eat. On a rainy day, grab a DVD, two pairs of headphones and your laptop, then head to a café.Grab a table in the corner and sip coffee as you turn the place into your own personal theater.Here are some cute and creative ways to get out or Coffee, hot chocolate, tea—it's the season to stock up on cozy beverages, whether at a charming cafe you've never been to or in the comfort of your own home.Up the ante and make it a toasty cocktail by adding some brandy.

That, and hoping he or she picked a restaurant sure to satisfy your potatohead self.In terms of wardrobe, should we aim for cute and casual, flirty and dressy, or a little bit edgy?Then there’s the question of looking like we came from work when we really don’t want to wear what we wore to work: The concerns are endless.Pick up a bucket of sidewalk chalk at a craft store (vintage!) and create a masterpiece together on the sidewalk at a local park.As much as I LOVE that I’ve known him through all our stages – the good, bad, and awkward – it’s sometimes fun to imagine what it would’ve been like if...Sneak into a nice hotel through the lobby and beeline to the pool area.Spend the afternoon swimming, Jacuzzi-ing and lounging about like you're on vacation.Find a unique restaurant at least an hour away from your place and road trip there for lunch one Saturday, just because.Go on an impromptu gelato crawl in your town—just like a pub crawl, but with ice cream.(Genius, we know.) Cut the sweetness by splitting a plate of bacon fries at a greasy diner afterward.