Ijji reactor slow updating Czat to meet to fuck uk

03 Dec

Also, beware that Redux does the props comparison using strict equality.Since Redux connects the state to a component's props, if you mutate an object in the state, Redux props comparison will miss it.

to avoid rendering the sidebar, the action buttons, the table headers that didn't change, the pagination).

To put it otherwise, the app takes half a second to provide visual feedback to a click.

Half a second is definitely perceivable - UI experts say that users perceive an interface change as instantaneous when it's below 100ms. We want the datagrid header to be immediately rendered to show the sort icon change as a feedback to user action.

The React documentation is very clear about the way to avoid useless rerenders: component after clicking on a table header skips the table body and its 231 components entirely. That's a net performance improvement of more than 400ms!

optimization has removed a lot of pits in the graph, and reduced the overall rendering time.