Im naked

15 Jan

When you want to make someone look like a homosexual.Say it when they are turned away from you and they will most likely turn around no matter their sexuality. I think people are brainwashed to view films with people that they are told should be a certain way. Remeber the blue shorts - July 1st, 2001 - August 5th 2003. Anthony was playing Black Ops on the Xbox 360, when he tells Ian that Ashley is coming over to their house and tells him not to embarass him. Ian comes in to sit next to Anthony, asking what kind of name is Ashley, all this, while he's naked. Ian tells Anthony that he's not to be trusted and that he's "one big lying sack of sh-sh...doo-doo! " Anthony grows frustrated, puts his controller and headset down and leaves.

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In a flashback, Ian spits out the milk he was drinking and screams.

Ian also remembers the time Anthony said Santa isn't real, which a flashback showed Ian waiting by the chimney with milk and cookies. / MY BATHROOM SECRET / If The Internet Was Real / I'M NOT RACIST!!! / HOW TO COVER UP A MURDER / Food Battle 2011 / The Internet For Dummies / THE DITTO - Movie Trailer / XTREME SLEEPOVER!

Anthony says that Santa isn't real, only for Ian to shout, "He is real! " Ian also remembers Anthony lying when he asked about those jeans. / The Harry Potter Pill / MY GRANDPA'S DIRTY SECRET / If Movies Were Real 2 / First Person Shooters Suck!

When he realizes what you have done, you will either share a jolly laugh together or he will punch you in the face.

This is done mainly by low-end middle school kids or general attention-seekers.