Improve communication between dating couples

25 Oct

There are more than words at play when you talk with your partner. Don’t just focus on the words, but feel the energy behind them.

This is not an excuse for your mind to twist your partner’s words and intentions.

When conversations get tough, they may need better tools than they have. Read more Article John Trent and Kari Trent-Stageberg An emotional word picture is a tool that simultaneously activates the emotions and intellect of the listener.

When you use a word picture to communicate, it can go straight into your spouse's heart.

The more attached you are to how the conversation should play out, the more disappointed you’ll be by how it does. It’s important to be patient with your partner as they work to express themselves.

Move with the dialogue, bend with it, be in the moment with what’s happening between the two of you. Don’t plan your responses before they’ve finished sharing their perspectives.

And never start a conversation when you’re too angry to see your partner as anyone other than a terrible devil-person. They twist and turn, a tangent here, an unexpected comment there.

But maybe there's something else going on underneath disagreements: an unspoken, subconscious test. Read more Article Erin Smalley Marriage provides motivation to learn how to manage anger, which often stems from other emotions: hurt, fear or frustration.

Read more Article Greg Smalley Painful wounds can cause us to forget who God made us to be, and we start believing lies that affect what we think about ourselves and how we relate.

That's especially true in how we relate to our spouse.

Here are some healthy ways to deal with anger in your marriage.

Read more Article Mike Bechtle Couples often don’t have a lot of communication tools when they enter marriage.