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01 Mar

Violence and intimidation is the gas that runs the engine of the Hells Angels."A growing police fear is that the Hells Angels are infiltrating the quick-cash businesses, such as cheque cashing and money lending, although none are yet listed as owners of record.

In Vancouver and Kamloops, Hells Angels have bought cellphone stores and are rumoured to be setting up their own phone companies.

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According to police, the list represents a shift in the RCMP's approach to investigating organized crime.

While a gang member with a Hells Angels patch on his jacket may be an easier target for police than an Asian gangster, the association with the Angels is worth the risk, he said."It's the power of the patch.

Once you have that patch, you have that standing out there in the criminal world that people are afraid of.

"If it were true, they'd be charging people," he said.

"Normally, when [police] investigate criminal activity, they don't put it in the newspaper what they're doing.