Interesting facts about dating in the 1920s

17 Sep

When we ask about medications we also mean those weird pills you bought over the counter for weight loss and any and all vitamins.When it is asked about drugs and alcohol “only drinking on the weekend” counts. It’s the law, even for foreign airlines just tell them you live in the U. and they will cancel it as long as you booked it within 24 hours even if their company policy doesn’t allow for refunds like most airlines.The town of Pascagoula was plagued by the Phantom Barber who supposedly used to give mysterious nighttime haircuts during the World War II.Girls, particularly blondes, would wake up to find that their hair had been cut, or shaved in some cases. A lot of famous People belong to Mississippi, like Red Barber (sportscaster), Jimmy Buffett (singer, songwriter), Charles Evers (civil rights leader), Medgar Evers( civil rights leader), Brett Farve (football), William Cuthbert (Faulkner author), Jim Henson (puppeteer), James Earl Jones (entertainer), Walter Payton (football player), Elvis Presley (singer, actor), Oprah Winfrey (talk show host) and many more.Language of ATC and Pilots: English is the international language of flight. The Enemy of Aircraft: Mercury is not allowed on a flight.

D’Lo had sent more men to serve in World War II as compared to any other town of its size.

This includes any procedures no matter how small and yes, this means dental procedures as well.

They also mean any and all surgeries that you’ve had, this would be the time if you’re a transgender person to bring this to the professional’s attention and also to clarify what your biological gender was before hormonal therapy and/or surgery.

In this article, I am presenting fun facts about Aviation, like why does pilot say Mayday in emergency situations??

Well the answer is: because ‘MAYDAY’ has been derived from the French word m’aidez, which means ‘help me’.