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30 Aug

It provides good, fast internet service in most of the lower 48 states as well as parts of Alaska, Hawaii and Canada, and the same four plans are offered in all locations.

Most communication companies, including satellite TV provider DISH, partner with Hughes Net to provide satellite internet services to their customers.

While it covers a lot of areas, its plans vary by location.

In some places, Viasat only offers 5Mbps downstream speeds, and in other locations it can reach up to 30Mbps, the fastest download speed of any service we evaluated.

This is fast enough for someone to browse the web while another person watches their favorite television show without slowdown or buffering.

If you reach your monthly data limit, which varies by plan between 10GB and 50GB, you can still access the internet, though at a much slower speed until your next billing cycle begins.

S., and you need to contact providers for most information.

How to Choose a Satellite Internet Provider Satellite internet is ideal for people living in rural areas who don’t have access to standard cable or fiber optic internet services.

If you use up your allotted bandwidth during the month, Hughes Net doesn’t cut off your internet service.The activation fee may be waived, depending on the plan you choose and the deal you make while talking to DISH representatives.As when you buy directly through Hughes Net, all the plans come with 25Mbps download speeds.Also, because speeds vary based on the plan you have, where you live, what time you are online and several other variables, it isn’t very likely we’d be able to recreate an optimal test environment.So, we pored over each provider’s website, reading terms and conditions, footnotes, and legal contracts and documents to understand exactly what you’re charged for (equipment leases, installation and activation fees) and if there are special conditions for existing versus new customers.Most areas have plans with speeds between 12Mbps and 25Mbps, which is comparable to DSL internet service and fast enough to stream videos from Netflix, download files quickly and play online games. However, most Viasat’s plans have data caps between 12GB and 50GB.If you reach your data limit, you can still connect to the internet, but your connection is slowed down to 480p – this isn’t fast enough to watch a video on You Tube, but you can still search the web and send out email.To get an idea of each provider’s plans, prices and coverage, we armed ourselves with eight residential addresses in popular areas, such as Tampa, Florida; Castro Valley, CA; and Springfield, VA, as well as places in Alaska, Hawaii, and British Columbia, Canada.We learned it’s tricky to get coverage outside of the continental U.We dug deep into each satellite internet provider’s website and read the fine print in their contracts to find out what is included in their plans and their terms and conditions.Based on what we found, we believe Hughes Net is the best option.