Interracial dating psychology

17 Nov

Or are they indicative of a persistent, underlying bias against interracial couples – something not captured by self-reported polls?To test this, my colleague Caitlin Hudac and I designed a series of studies to examine how people really feel about interracial relationships.Nevertheless, it's interesting to note that, among the coming generation of college-educated professionals, interracial relationships are not only common (representing 24 to 31 percent of couples in the three studies), but also marked by an above-average level of mutual appreciation.“Race is a social construct; race isn’t real,” shares 28 year old Jonathan Brent, the son of a White father and a Japanese-American mother. Here are 5 interesting scientific findings about interracial dating: 1) The majority of interracial romantic relationships are amongst college students.

3) The image of Asian Americans has continuously been evident and consistent: well-educated, hard working and law-abiding.

The man and women "completed questionnaires in separate rooms," rating themselves and their partners on various positive attributes.

"We found that interracial daters rated their partners more positively on cerebral and attractiveness attributes," Wu and her colleagues write.

There were no significant differences in self-ratings between the two groups.

A second study featured 100 heterosexual couples who had been together at least three months.