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22 Jan

One and Only – A classic and romantic nickname for a man of your dreams. Deep Water – He is always calm and dreamy as deep waters. Bad Boy – The ideal choice for rebels and all-around bad boys. Bear – For the big and strong guys who are sweet and soft in the middle. Papi – This one is perfect for a guy who you love because he is a perfect father. Psycho – Great nickname for a guy who has a loose temper. Knight in Shining Armor – A classic nickname that every man will love. Eye Candy – Because when you see his eyes, you always have a taste for something sweet. Hot Chocolate – Just because everyone loves hot chocolate. Oreo – Because he is as delicious as those sweet cookies, Oreos!

Misty Eyes – Perfect for a melancholic guy who lives in his own world.

Darling – Straightforward pet name for a guy you love. Kissy Face – Use this one only hen you two are alone together. Wonderboy – Perfect for a guy who makes wonders for you. Lightning Ball – Because he gets annoyed and calms down in a second. Baby Cakes – A cute take on the classic “babe” nickname.

Iceman – Because he is always cool and calm in every situation.

Hunny / Hun / Hun Bun – A simple, classic and cute way to call your guy. Yummers / Yummy / Yum Yum – Because he is just so damn yummy. Suga / Sugar / Sugary – Another classic that will make him smile. If he’s sinfully delicious, this is the perfect nickname.

Pumpkin – I do not know a person who would not like to be called a “pumpkin”. Puppy / Pup – Because he is as cute as a little puppy. Muffin – Everyone loves muffins and he will love this nickname. Doodle Bug – Everyone loves such a cute and sweet bug. This nickname is sure to bring out his devilish smile.