Iowa laws on dating your doctor

22 Jan

Presently, possession of marijuana is treated as a misdemeanor.

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The Des Moines register poll published in February 2017 showed that 80 percent of Iowans support legalization of marijuana for medical use.“This bill received tremendous support and truly shows the power of people talking to their legislators and to their governor about important issues to them, to their families and to their children,” said Iowa Governor Branstad.Governor Branstad also went on to sign House File 524, which made cannabis oil available to patients with: Though Governor Branstad signed with hesitations, this is an important step towards a working medical marijuana program in the state of Iowa.This is higher than the 58 percent that favored its use in a poll conducted in 2013.In response to this poll, a new medical marijuana advisory board was formed in September 2017.The eight appointed members of this board will be responsible for determining how Iowa will expand its medical marijuana program and what conditions will qualify for patients for certification.The department is also in charge of lining up producers and dispensaries, which are expected to be licensed in January 2018 and April 2018 respectively.Only epilepsy patients are presently allowed to use cannabis oil with less than 3% CBD.Since 2014, when the current marijuana program was passed into law by the Legislature, only 132 people have obtained registry cards to use cannabis oil.It won’t legalize the production and distribution of the oil until federal authorities have approved a version that is currently being tested by the FDA and some pharmaceutical companies.However, the people advocating for medical marijuana want an expanded program that will permit its use for a longer list of ailments.