Is dating a pothead bad

16 Nov

I understand this is a personal choice, but I am not sure how to move forward when our values are different on this topic. Point is – for me, anyway – that it seems a bit overheated to make value judgments over what may be benign behavior.When I was 17, back in the “Just Say No” 80’s, I stormed out of my parents’ bathroom, and accused my Mom of smoking pot. That doesn’t mean that pot is not a drug, nor that it is not possible to be addicted to it.I wanted to marry someone that I wanted my kids to model their behavior after.

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As to which is a better option between Plan B and Plan C? I’ll just point out that, in general, we all resent being told what to do and that, usually, the least effective way to deal with others is by forcing them to change against their will.

We had great chemistry and I honestly thought he was the one. Fast forward to now and our lifestyles and values couldn’t be further from each other.

I work a 9-5 corporate job whilst attending nighttime college to further my qualification.

If there’s a day when your significant other wants you to skip your morning wake n bake, then do it.

Sometimes, they just like to spend time with you when you’re not high.