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11 Mar

Read on to find out…SEE MORE OF THE TV SHOWS WE'RE OBSESSED WITHHi Wilson, let's get stuck straight in. "Expect a lot more of the fun quirky antics that people loved in the first season. "I would score big points saying my girlfriend."Oh you softie! "She would describe me as a good boyfriend - I'm pretty doting."Wade is a big flirt – are you in real life? Indifferent to my girlfriend, I've toned down my flirting ways but back in the day, sure. Scott (Porter, who plays George) loves his karaoke. "Well, you've fooled us brilliantly with your fake accent in the show - you could get away with playing Matthew Mc Conaughey's younger brother in Magic Mike 2. The fun characters, the romantic tribulations, quirky town events, Bluebell continues soldiering on."Do you want Zoe to end up with Wade, or would you prefer he play the womaniser? I want the best for Wade and I think there's a genuine shot at happiness with Zoe. I'm pretty open emotionally I'm not scared to say it but some dudes, I guess they find it hard to open up emotionally. Those days are behind me now."You film lots of scenes with no shirt on – do you like being a sex symbol? Do you all hang out together when the cameras stop rolling? We've got a really fun, cool cast and we all feel incredibly blessed." What do you like doing when you're not working? I love the beach, hiking, spending time with my girl and my dog Tucker."Finally, you haven't got a southern accent - what's going on? Thankfully, his luck is about to change seeing as he landed the role of Bullseye in the third season of the critically acclaimed Netflix superhero show, The character, Bullseye – who is an assassin – is described as a psychopath who chose his profession as a means of acting on his homicidal tendencies.

Considering his résumé so far, there is no doubt the actor will go on to do great things in the entertainment industry.

It was me and most of the cast and the creator Leila Gerstein.

And there must have been at least 10 questions that were like, "Do you really expect people to believe that Rachel Bilson is a doctor?

Huff Post TV chatted with Bethel about his idea for the Funny Or Die video (Two words: "Doogie Howser"), how Bilson "crushed it so hard" and a potential musical episode in the show's near future. It's also just an incredible release to have put in quite a bit of work now over the past handful of months and finally have it ushered into the world, and to have it not only be received well, but received as broadly as its been. I brought it back to The CW, and they were thrilled with it, and I was so excited about it that I came back to them with another 10 or 12 ideas that I thought could work. Well, the way that I pitched it to them was, "It's an in-your-face, hardcore battle rap of Rachel addressing those who find her unbelievable as a doctor." And they just loved it!

How does it feel to have released one of the funniest viral videos ever? Of all of the ideas that I pitched, the one that I thought was least likely that they would sign on for was the one that they ultimately ended up doing in a heartbeat. The idea itself came from this Television Critics Association panel that we had done.