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20 Nov

In July, the federal government announced it would provide million through its National Reserve System Program to enable the purchase of the 135,000-hectare Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve north-east of Weipa.Mrs Irwin described the announcement as a “magnificent gesture” by the Australian government.

A 0 million expansion of the zoo is on the drawing board, which will see it balloon to a massive 400 hectares.Before his movie was released, Steve pledged to pour every cent back into conservation.“To say that I’ve got millions in the bank, mate, would be a load of crap,” he was once quoted as saying.The EIS states that the “Conservation Centre and its incorporated Interpretive Centre, the aquatic environments of the dam and nearby rivers and streams, refuge islands, turtle nest banks ...and the proximity to Australia Zoo (just 40 minutes away) provide a wide range of educational opportunities at all levels, from primary to post-graduate tertiary”. that private organisations will seek linkages to the Fresh Water Conservation Centre that may seek funding to expand their operations through existing mechanisms or linkages with Queensland Water Infrastructure.” The Turtle Conservation and Research Association said the zoo indicated it was not prepared to make a public declaration on the issue.Australia Zoo refuses to release Bob Irwin's 'real' statement Terri Irwin has built a million property empire – all held solely in her own name – while Australia Zoo rakes in millions from grants and donations.This includes a million property paid for by the former federal government last year, which is now held by Mrs Irwin’s private company.To search the list below, use your browser's search function (Ctrl F).To access Netlibrary books, either perform a search for your desired topic, author, or title at the Net Library site (after logging into EZproxy), or navigate to the appropriate subject group listed below and click the direct title link.“It is ironic, considering that the locally endangered Mary River turtle is on display at Australia Zoo and the zoo was in charge of the Australasian captive breeding program for the species,” spokesman Craig Latta said.“Their lack of interest is really disappointing, as Australia Zoo claims to be all for conservation.” The Sunshine Coast Environment Council said its attempts to encourage the Australia Zoo to become involved in local environmental issues had also failed.