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03 Mar

For a cemetery, the Square was remarkably filled with life, however.

Pink Sofa is different from your run of the mill, meat market, soulless dating site that tries to get you to sign up whatever you do.Walking on the Square 150 years after this beautification project, the historian John Francis Marion observed, "The trees in Washington Square are older, wider-spreading and taller than those in Independence Square, and the square itself has a more open spacious quality." The 6.4-acre Southeast Square was renamed Washington Square in 1825 to honor the great general and first President. Copyright © 1999- by the Independence Hall Association, a nonprofit organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, founded in 1942. A tree-planting program began the next year and the Square to this day wears the fruit of a city plan in which over 60 varieties of trees were sown.A "really admirable city arboretum of rare trees," was how America's first landscape architect, Andrew Jackson Downing, described the Square.After the Square was closed as a cemetery, the situation in the area did not initially improve.Historian Watson described the houses that surrounded the Square in 1805 being as "miserable and deformed a set of huts and sheds as could be well imagined." Improvement started in the form of a public walk in 1815."I have spent an hour, this morning, in the congregation of the dead.I took a walk into the Potters Field, a burying ground..I never in my whole life was affected with so much melancholy." When the British occupied Philadelphia in 1777, they used the Walnut Street Jail, which then faced the Square, to hold prisoners of war. This story is told on the next stop along this virtual tour, at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Those that spent their last days fighting off the chill haze of Yellow Fever, wound up in shrouds underneath the now pacific park.Beginning in 1776, fallen troops from Washington's Army were buried in the Square.Pits 20 feet by 30 feet in length were dug along 7th and Walnut Streets which were then filled by coffins piled one atop another until space in the mass grave ran out.