James sutton dating

13 Nov

Jim & Eleanor Files moved across the street from Joan & her parents on 34th Ave. Joan over helping Jim pack up to move out after the accident while Eleanor was still in the hospital. Spring or Summer of ’64 Jim & Eleanor over in car & introduced Joan to Gary Marlow. He left town after about 2 months to go help his mother in Fl., he said. Eleanor was badly injured in car accident in Indiana the end of July ’64 after helping his mother & step-father move to Kentucky. So he remained silent, wanting to take his secret to his grave. It is not thanks to him that his secret emerged from his grave.

1981- Joan and Gary Marlow divorced after Gary met Mary over at Ed & Julie Schramm’s house, Eleanor’s brother. 2007- Gary Marlow died in Conyers, Georgia on April 2, 2007. 25th, 2008 Janet came across Wim Dankbaar’s website “JFKmurdersolved.com” and saw book “Files on JFK” and found out about James Files claim he was the “Grassy Knoll” gunman.

Bruce Brychek , best living friend of James Files, posted the message below on my forum on April 27, 2007.

This was before I knew that the man was Gary Marlow and had indeed died. Jim dated Eleanor Schramm and took her to a Prom arranged by both their mothers.

Instead, we now know that Marlow was aware of it, but never chose to come forward to deny it. Of course, a denial would never have stood a chance as he could never deny he is indeed the man with sunglasses in the picture with Files. Shit would have hit the fan if he had come forward. She was friends with Joan & Janet Kehring & walked home from Proviso with Janet a lot.

As a free man, unlike Files, he stood much to lose.