Japanese dating sim games for ds

11 Sep

The anime/manga art style is extremely expressive while at the same time simple enough to allow fast turnover rates.

These qualities are very conducive to dating sims, visual novels, and the like, as they can be produced on low budgets while capitalizing on all of the appeal and emotion necessary for those mediums.

In my mind, you have answered so many questions beyond the OP's.

So at the end of the day, I guess there's just too much riding against them for the genre to gain any sort of significant acceptance, and so not only does no one make them over here, but no one brings them over either.

I am going to go one step further with the cultural argument.

I'd say this largely comes in two varieties - the Romance Industry (novels, movies, and erotic fictions) and the Porn Industry (internet and physical).

Both of these industries are huge, ubiquitous, have good marketing, and are culturally accepted. That might be true for the stereotypical DS style actual dating simulations, but not for the overall genre which apparently includes Visual Novels.