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30 Dec

Instead, we re-create the environment with a computer program which allows us to run the original machine code of Pong.

A benefit of this is that it won’t just allow us to run Pong, but also any other application developed for that platform.

Fetch opcode During this step, the system will fetch one opcode from the memory at the location specified by the program counter (pc).

In our Chip 8 emulator, data is stored in an array in which each address contains one byte.

While this guide expects you to have some basic knowledge of computer systems and assumes you know a program language, it should also be an interesting read for people who are interested in emulation in general.

I think it’s important to first understand what an emulator is and isn’t.

As mentioned above, both timers (delay timer and sound timer) count down to zero if they have been set to a value larger than zero.

While the specification don’t mention a stack, you will need to implement one as part of the interpreter yourself.

The stack is used to remember the current location before a jump is performed.

An emulator is a computer program that mimics the internal design and functionality of a computer system (System A).

It allows users to run software designed for this specific system (Sytem A) on a totally different computer system or architecture (System B).