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Elsewhere on Vulcan, Archer, T'Pau, and T'Pol continue on towards the Vulcan High Command, Archer safely carrying the recently discovered Kir'Shara.Archer is intent on getting the artifact back to the High Command but it is two days away.Tucker informs him they are going back; they are just taking a small detour first.When Reed asks him what Gardner will do when he finds out what Tucker is doing, the commander sarcastically promises Reed a seat at his court martial.Kuvak questions why the council was not informed of this but V'Las says that it is possible that Andorian agents have penetrated the High Command and that it was necessary to limit the information.V'Las then shows Kuvak the actual location of Vulcan forces preparing an invasion of Andoria.

V'Las tells him the Andorians believe that the Vulcans are intending to retake it because probes have been generating false warp signatures.The lieutenant asks for permission to speak freely.When he is granted this, he asks the commander why they are heading for Andoria when Admiral Gardner has ordered Enterprise back to Earth.but there may be one Andorian who will trust them – Shran.Tucker has no idea where the Andorian commander is but Soval reveals he may be able to help.When T'Pol angrily informs T'Pau of the urgent need to get Archer (who is nearby, sleeping) to a doctor, she quickly apologizes, saying the death of her mother T'Les has affected her deeply.T'Pau sympathizes, telling T'Pol she valued her mother's counsel. When T'Pau offers to share the thoughts she experienced with T'Pol's mother, T'Pol informs her she has Pa'nar Syndrome, a result of when a Vulcan man improperly mind melded with her and that it is incurable.When Reed plans to go on how they should not get involved, Ambassador Soval enters and Reed is dismissed by Tucker.Soval asks Tucker why he had asked for him and he says he knows the Andorian Imperial Guard will likely not believe them about the imminent Vulcan invasion...Reed believes the Vulcans have legitimate reasons for launching the strike and if they alert the Andorians, they will be betraying their closest ally.Tucker tells the armory officer he is just trying to prevent a war.