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25 Feb

Directed by the star of “Troll 2,” Michael Stephenson, he talks to many of the people involved in the movie to look back on a forgotten movie that is now a major cult classic. Gordon look back on the unique way they started dating by penning this romantic comedy (which is now nominated for a best original screenplay Oscar).Nanjiani plays a comedian who falls for Emily (Zoe Kazan), but when she contracts a mysterious illness he’s suddenly faced with dealing with a serious situation as well as her feisty parents (Holly Hunter and Ray Romano).But this Oscar-nominated documentary, directed by Steve James (“Hoop Dreams”), shows that the company wasn’t going to go down without a fight.Sasha Lane stars as a young girl who gets swooped up by a group of young traveling magazine salesman and travels the midwest in a unique way.1980s heartthrob Michael Dudikoff plays an American soldier who single-handedly takes on mercenaries in the Philippines with his ninja skills.Directed by Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson, this stop-motion dramedy follows a lonely customer service expert who has an memorable encounter with a woman (voiced by Jennifer Jason Leigh) at a Cincinnati hotel.As you can imagine, some very Charlie Kaufman-level of weirdness takes place.A movie that found an eternal life on cable TV, this fantasy action movie follows Dar (Marc Singer) who with his powers of speaking telepathically with animals, forms a team to defeat the evil sorcerer Maax (Rip Torn).

And the coolest thing about this genre of horror movie…don’t need to be able to act! Seriously guys it ain’t about the acting any longer (although granted, it does help!

Here at Top Found Footage Films we plan to bring you the best found footage horror movies available.

We don’t care the about the budget, the country of origin, the language or the quality – if the camcorder shakes we wanna review it!

) as the best found footage horror flicks rely on atmosphere.

This is where the genre comes into it’s own – where it evolves above the other horror genres and grasps us all firmly by the neck!