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30 Aug

Although these people are only concerned for the well-being of their children and possible grandchildren, they are allowing the sin of worry to invade their lives.

The Christian worldview is shaped by what the Bible says about God's nature.

In Numbers 12, Moses, himself, married a woman from Cush, which is modern-day Ethiopia.

Aaron and Miriam, Moses' brother and sister, didn't approve of the marriage, and because of their complaints God struck Miriam with leprosy (she changed her mind about the situation pretty quickly).

If They were interested in helping ANY of their guests, race aside, they would not allow those people to act that way, and they'd have actual counselors trying to help them, not Maury saying his requisite "'re going to be in this baby's life if it's yours, right"? The black people that actually go on "Maury" for paternity tests are not typical.

I don't want to call those "relationships" "black relationships"..are the relationships of very jaded, confused, "trashy" people.

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them" (Genesis ). My parents both tell me that race wasn't a factor for them in their marriage.

For the most part, no one cared that they had different shades of skin.

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Christianity claims that all humans have descended from Adam and Eve, the first two people. As you'll recall from the previous two articles, I am the result of an interracial marriage.Interestingly enough, the only problems I've ever seen interracial couples face have come from their own family members.My mom's aunts were afraid of what they didn't know. Because Adam and Eve sinned, our morality has been corrupted by lies. The sins that often entangle Christians who oppose interracial relationships are pride and worry.Both of these women recognized the Lord as the one true God, and He used their bloodlines to bring Jesus into the world.Although there aren't Bible verses forbidding interracial relationships, there are verses declaring our equality and unity in Christ.Ruth, who is named in the lineage of Jesus, was a Moabitess, not an Israelite (Ruth 1).Rahab was a prostitute and a Canaanite, and she was also named in Jesus' lineage and mentioned as a great woman of faith in the book of Hebrews (Joshua 2, Matthew 1, and Hebrews 11).They assumed the worst things that could happen and ran with them. Parents with children in interracial relationships are concerned about what others will think or worried that their children will face discrimination.As fun as both worry and pride are, and believe me, I have spent plenty of quality time perfecting both of them, they are sins.The Lord was protecting the Israelites from false religions, not different races.This passage is specifically talking about marrying people who did not serve Yahweh.