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18 Feb

Daily Med is the official provider of FDA label information (package inserts).

Companies must submit this information to FDA in electronic format.In the event of power failure while the system is on line , the buffer arms will extend and tension on the tape will be relaxed, preventing any possible tape damage. When power has been restored, tape system operations may be resumed by first taking up the tape slack and then pressing the LOAD pushbutton. The tape will be pulled through the tape path and returned to the supply reel. The tape reel may then be removed from the machine by pressing the knob toggle to the unlocked position. These labels have been reformatted to make them easier to read.MOD 10 MAGNETIC TAPE TRANSPORT OPERATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL 200237 December 1973 WANGCO Incorporated 5404 Jandy Place Los Angeles, California 90066 PREFACE This manual has been prepared to permit separation of the first three sections, which then form an operator's manual. Material for these sections has been scaled to the and training of computer and off-line system operators. LETTER DESCRIPTION DATE APPROVAL H Changed pages - Title page; 6/73 V through xi Revised pages - I-l, 1-3, II-l through II-9. Sections IV and following are addressed to the engineer responsible for setting up and maintaining this equipment on site. 10/72 G Changed Title Page, revised pages: II-3, II-6, II-8, IV-2, IV-9, V-18 and VI-32. III-1 through I I 1-4, IV-1 through IV-18, VI-40, VI-42 Appendix B: revised list of drawings; updated drawings to latest revisions. Material covered includes: • Installation of the tape system in system cabinets • Checkout procedures and requirements • Interconnection of the tape and data systems • Principles of design and operation • Module replacement and adjustment. LETTER DESCRIPTION DATE APPROVAL A Original publication 5/70 B To reflect basic product re-design 9/70 C Update all sections with particular emphasis on Section VI and Appendix B 10/71 D Update all Sections 2/72 E Changed pages - Title Page, i V, IV-3, IV-9, VI-30, VI-31, VI-34, VI-39, VI-44, VI-47, VI-50, VI-58, VI-59, VI-60, VI-61, updated drawings to latest revision 6/72 F Changed pages - Title Page, vii, II-7, IV-2, A-3. Deleted pages - 1-6, 1-7 Changed pgs : 1-4, VI-61, Updated 12/73 Appendixes A & B v TABLE OF CONTENTS Page SECTION I. GENERAL DESCRIPTION I-l 1 "D n ., , i- ;;e;~ if-,,;,.;.;,,;!?